REVIEW: Beast (Auckland Fringe)

February 16, 2015
The Mark of the Talented Performer [by Matt Baker] While the rise of clowning in the Auckland theatre scene is gaining momentum, Taylor Hall’s solo show is nonetheless a unique theatrical experience. An Auckland season of a Toi Whakaari monologue-derived solo-show  is a common one, but what Hall has created is a show that is a true culmination of all his training, […]

REVIEW: Break Up (We Need To Talk) (Binge Culture and Auckland Fringe)

February 16, 2015
Come back here [by Matt Baker] Walking out of the theatre is the strongest statement an audience member can make, and I have never regretted it until I walked out of Break Up. To clarify, the six-hour show allows its audience to come and go as they please, and it was only due to personal commitments that I left after the […]

REVIEW: Stutterpop (Auckland Fringe)

February 14, 2015
Time for a Bang [by Matt Baker] Sam Brooks is a playwright with a stutter, but his most autobiographical play is not about stuttering, it’s about love for others and one’s self. Stuttering is instead a subplot in this unique fringe performance by one of Auckland’s top young playwrights. Sharing the space with a multitude of shows (The Basement’s Sophie Henderson’s […]

REVIEW: Suri vs Shiloh (Auckland Fringe)

February 14, 2015
Too Cruisey [by Guest Reviewer Amanda Leo] From the offset, what you might expect out of Suri. Vs. Shiloh seems clear. Our two fictionalized protagnoists of real life Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, are alive on social media, if you have visited the play’s facebook page. Celebrity […]

REVIEW: Girl on A Corner (Auckland Fringe)

February 10, 2015
Innovative theatre [by Sharu Delilkan] Victor Rodger‘s premiere of Girl on a Corner is testament that there are multiple ways to skin a cat. The device used in this show provides the audience a multitude of permutations and combinations of ways in which a story line can move in different directions i.e. an innovative style that showcases Rodger’s ability to […]

Theatre Scenes does Fringe: Our Reviewers

February 15, 2013
Matt and James will exist on a diet of ink and sleep deprivation for the next month [by James Wenley] The dynamic duo of Matt Baker and James Wenley will be the Theatre Scenes reviewers of as much theatre during Auckland Fringe (and then Auckland Arts Festival) as they can get their critical little hands on. They will write regular […]
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