This Week in the Theatre Scene: Return of the Yeti (2-8 September)

The Yeti Rises

[by James Wenley]

In my review last year of Yeti is Dead / I am Tom, I wrote: “The show keeps open the possibility of a third show too, which I for one am pleased about – I can’t get enough of Yeti!”. It seems my dreams have come true.

PICK: The Yeti Trilogy

The Yeti Rises
The Yeti Rises

Trilogy? Writer-performers Natalie Medlock, Dan Musgrove and Thomas Sainsbury made the first two [insider-joke titled] parts Dan is Dead / I am Yeti and Yeti is Dead / I am Tom as part of the Comedy Festivals. Now they’ve reworked these first two and added a third, with Yeti in the Himalayas which will all be performed in the evening.
Who’s in it? Natalie Medlock’s Yeti provides many of the laughs. Dan, Tom and Yvette Parsons also return.
What’s it about? “…a riotous night of comedy featuring an inventive mix of lovable characters, sharp social satire and a woman in a Yeti costume. ”
Pithy Theatre Scenes quote: I loved the first one, but for me the follow-up suffered to an extent from sequel-itis. “It inevitably lacks the surprise and novelty of our first meeting the Yeti character, nor does it top the original’s gross out humour or wonderfully sublime diversions. It’s more squarely a relationship comedy, letting the assured character work do the comic heavy lifting. It’s the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest of sequels, light on plot, but succeeding through the set pieces and sheer personality of the leads. ” (Yeti Strikes Back). What will the third be like? Matt Baker will find out!
Where? The Basement, Tuesday 3 until Saturday 7 September.
Tickets: $18-25 at iTICKET

Also this week: After Miss Julie continues upstairs at The Basment Studio (read Sharu’s review), ATC’s Lord of the Flies opens at the Maidment, and a new play, Crossfire by Noa Campbell premieres at the Musgrove Studio.

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