REVIEW: Miss Frisky’s Karaoke Experience (Auckland Live International Cabaret Season)

Review by Sharu Delilkan

[Perfectly Pitched]

We’re greeted at the door by the star of the show, Laura Corcoran aka Miss Frisky. She even compliments me on my hat and so I return the compliment, to which she says “you’re too kind!”. That’s the extent of my interaction with her throughout the show. But that doesn’t matter…there’s minimal hauling up on stage so we’re able to enjoy this without the uncomfortableness of being in the spotlight.

The show, Miss Frisky’s Karaoke Experience, appears to have a randomness about it. But it’s Ms Frisky’s astute commandeering, making all of us putty in her hands, that allows her to mould and shape us in any direction. And that’s the genius of the show.

The crowd is clearly there to play and have a good time. That’s obvious by everyone’s totally inappropriate song choices every time she gives us instructions. But once again it’s her ability to second guess us that keeps her in command at all times.

Miss Frisky’s vocal ability and overall performance is beyond reproach. Even her banter between lyrical lines is timed perfectly to ensure that she never ever misses a beat! Her impressively enigmatic stage presence is bar none as is her accomplished effervescent delivery of every song she tackles. And believe me the range is pretty extensive — from Britney Spears to Tina Turner she belts out each and every tune demonstrating her fabulous vocal range and exquisite pipes.

If I were to fault anything at all it would be that with a persona like Miss Frisky, I would have expected a little more raunch and sexiness to be part of the act. Something I know Corcoran is more than capable of delivering having previously seen her as La Soirée at this year’s Auckland Arts Festival’s Speigeltent.

However, the pre-publicity is very clear and the concept of the show is as it says in the advertisement — shout out your favourite karaoke song from the playlist and if you’re lucky she will sing it for you. But it’s the simplicity of this show that brings with it a great possibility of absolute disaster — something Miss Frisky manages to avert so expertly subtly at every twist and turn that the evening takes. Her phenomenal ability to keep the crowd constantly in check means that the proceedings never ever go awry for the duration of her hour-long performance.

If I’m honest I came to the show thinking that it could be an absolute winner or a total dud but luckily it is the former. And not just a winner — an absolute stunner!

Miss Frisky’s Karaoke Experience has something for everyone, Karaoke lovers or otherwise. It’s an electrically charged, energetic, fully-immersive cabaret experience like no other.

Miss Frisky’s Karaoke Experience played at The Basement 15-16 September. 

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