REVIEW: The Glitta Supernova Experience (The Basement)

Review by Sharu Delilkan

Glitta Supernova

[All that Glittas is definitely not Gold]

“WTF was that?” was the simultaneous reaction from my theatre buddy and I as soon as the lights came on.

As someone who’s seen a heap of burlesque cabaret theatre over the years I can tell you that I’m no prude in any shape or form.

However Glitta Supernova strutting her ‘stuff’ on stage from the get-go was not only outright tasteless and vulgar – it fell far below the standard of what is expected from an international show.  Apparently nominated for a string of awards including 2015 Nominated “Best Cabaret” Fringe World Perth, this show was nothing but a self-indulgent excuse for Glitta to get her kit off on stage with absolutely no other purpose.

Yes she certainly has balls getting up on stage, as mentioned in the promotional material.  But what I think is more balshy is that she does it under the misconception that she’s doing a fine job.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. The show has categorically no cohesive storyline apart from Glitta introducing herself as the child of typical Byron Bay hippie nudists.  What followed was a series of costume changes intertwined with AV vignettes that remained disconnected to the bitter end.

The crowd that sat in polite silence for a majority of the show, with the odd nervous laugh-out-loud moment, only cheered her on at the end when she tugged at our heart strings saying that it’s a self funded show travelling from across the Tasman.

It is truly gobsmacking to see that such mediocrity sets the bar for Australian cabaret acts.

Glitta’s agility is never in question and neither are her costume choices.  What is disturbing is that she believes that she can touch on the sex industry and just throw in at the end that it is a show about feminism.  There is a gaping hole in this production because it has no purpose and no reason for being, apart from Glitta wanting to flaunt her body while creating a series of shock-value moments.

If I had paid $20 for this show at The Basement I would have come away thinking it was $20 too much for this excuse of a production.

The Glitta Supernova Experience plays at The Basement until 26 Mar.  Details see The Basement

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5 Comments on REVIEW: The Glitta Supernova Experience (The Basement)

  1. If I had paid to subscribe to this site to read reviews, I would have come away thinking any amount would have been too much for this excuse of a review.

    You are absolutely entitled to your view and your response to the show which i do not question but in comparison to the other contributors to this site, your reviews are sub standard. The analysis very superficial and there is lack of craft to your reviews,

  2. This review is not only appalling but bias, absolutely no idea on what performance art, subculture, feminist 70s-90s history – poorly written and completely renders this website useless as critique of any theatrical or creative works. As I was reading it I thought is was just me, was very glad to read the comments and encourage anyone with a ounce of creative soul – to see her show/s BASED ON THIS REVIEW – This reviewer not only needs a creative lens but to learn how to write…appalling review / Amazing Original show – Pro woman, Pro sex, Pro body, Pro originality, Pro being yourself, Pro every living being.

  3. I was seeking a review to send to my friends on the central coast NSW with regards to Glittas show BODY MAP and read this, honestly i dont know if to laugh or cry. as per other comments – this is useless, uneducated and amateur. PS Glitta Supenova has just won Best in Fringe for Dunedin as well as best cabaret and most outstanding performer – Sharu what have you been doing with yourself – im hoping educating your self a little on performance art – unfortunately we all have to see your training wheels

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